Suit Yourself: Take his style and make it your own

When it comes to fall fashion, you can never go wrong with menswear-inspired style. A perennial classic, the look can be sophisticated, sleek, sexy or tough, depending on how you interpret it. Choose women's clothes with masculine details and textures, or throw on some real dude duds — who doesn't look good in their man's shirt?

Sex Appeal: Add some romance with these delectable delicates

When you want to show off your “assets,” leave your everyday undergarments in the drawer and consider spicing up your boudoir style with some of these gorgeous goodies from Birdies (, clair de lune ( and Sazzy’s (

It's A Date: Ideas for outings that you'll both enjoy

Whether you are a new couple, or a married pair trying to maintain the romance, date nights are an important part of any relationship. Check out these ideas for an outing that matches your style.

Autumn Harvest: Reaping the rewards of love

The scents of ground nutmeg and grated orange peels mingle as I cradle my coffee cup at my chin. White chocolate and cream, cinnamon and every scent of fall floods my senses.

His and Hers: The compromise of combining households

The big moment happens: two people fall in love, decide to move in together and thus comes the test of true love — combining your furn

Hope Heals: Pastor's mission is to empower inner-city homeless

A savory aroma permeates the midday heat as men and women of many ethnicities line up outside of an industrial building at Seventh Street an

Fear Not: Company creates illusion of danger inside, sense of security outside

As the vice president of Full Moon Productions, Amber Arnett-Bequeaith is a mistress of horror. She draws from the psychological elements of fear to create a full-sensory frightfest at her company’s four haunted houses: The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Macabre Cinema and the Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe. 

Family Affair: Sisters see success in business together

Working with family is not for everyone. Unmanaged personal baggage can strain professional relationships. But there’s an upside to working with someone who knows you the way a close relative does. 

Breaking up with your beauty professional

We’ve all done it. We’ve cheated on our hairdresser, facialist, makeup artist, waxer, etc. We were just curious to see what it would be like to have a different creative take on our hair, or if our friend’s facialist really was the reason she looks four years younger or if the waxing hurt less with someone else. Whatever the reason, we’ve done it.  

Love is Strange... And dating in the modern age is even stranger

Dating in the 21st century is hard.
Although we have multiple ways to meet, communicate with, flirt with and break up with boys, the biggest dating hurdle in the modern age may in fact be that we are all too available.

Costume Party: Different generations enjoy storybook-inspired Halloween

When my sister and I were kids, my mother always made our Halloween costumes. With some fabric and thread, she would transform us into matching mermaids with tinsel wigs and scaled tails; or a princess riding a batting-stuffed, polka-dotted horse; or a baby caterpillar with six dangling, pillow-stuffed legs; or even an alien with an outfit made out of industrial metallic bubble wrap.

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