Fear Not: Company creates illusion of danger inside, sense of security outside

As the vice president of Full Moon Productions, Amber Arnett-Bequeaith is a mistress of horror. She draws from the psychological elements of fear to create a full-sensory frightfest at her company’s four haunted houses: The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Macabre Cinema and the Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe. 

Kansas City Live: Co-host Michelle Davidson brings experience to new show

Would you agree to be filmed on local TV with your hair unfixed and no makeup on your face?

When Opportunity Knocks: Fashionista realizes dream after job loss

Making a career move from electrical engineering and information technology to become the owner of a fashion boutique is not for the faint of heart. When Danielle Nelson started Fashionista Exchange a year ago, she knew it would take hard work, determination and a lot of style.

Lights, Camera, Camp! Designer, boutique owner launches camp for models

Forget about tents and toasting marshmallows — summer camp just got more chic. Ronnisha Tolefree, fashion designer and owner of Aura Boutique in Westport, is gearing up for her first fashion camp for aspiring models called Enhance Product You.

Empower me: Beauty institute founder, director launches makeup, skincare line

When the going got tough, Shimika Kennison found that beauty not only helped her survive, it propelled her to thrive.

Taste of Success: Caterer plans to expand business

Mary Berg is taking on the culinary world, one bite at a time. The restaurant industry has been dominated by men, but Berg set her sights on becoming an executive chef and didn’t stop there.

Second skin: Artist tells stories on vintage leather gloves

Let’s be clear: Ellen Greene is not a tattoo artist. She paints tattoos on the skin of an imaginary woman. 
“I don’t think I could ever tattoo,” Greene says. “My paint is sloppy and hazy, while ink needs to be pretty straightforward.”

Women helping women: Group’s business model is ‘give first, share always’

It’s like having a fairy godmother … or a roomful of ’em. A newbie is greeted at a luncheon by a core group of women — and maybe a “few good men” — all who wish to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. And the five magic words you’ll hear? 

The latest dish: Radio program relates to women's lives

What do you get when you combine two veteran Kansas City radio personalities, add a generous helping of savvy and provocative conversation, and sprinkle of gossip?

Song Bird: Choral leader finds new voice

Krista Lang Blackwood, 41, knows first-hand “what happens to a dream deferred.” 

Daily Bread: Two sisters take over Crown Center with their bakery

“It’s just something about Thanksgiving,” says Jacqueline Buycks. “Our bread turns into gold.”

Building the Kauffman

It’s the exuberance of music, the sculptural embodiment of sound springing out of the earth.

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