How to Unlock Your Wii without a Modchip

Posted Saturday, February 21st 2015 at 6:33am

Each and every handset ever made features a serial number or IMEI number, every IMEI number is completely unique and the unlocking code is generated depending on the IMEI number for every mobile phone. To unlock Blackberry 9700 Bold you'll 1st have to aquire an unlock code.

The option you choose, before that option a digit would be there. Just type that command digit at cursor blink and hit Enter Key. 2 folder and double click the UBT. bat file to launch the tool. From here you'll have to decide whether you need to proceed or not with the desktop backup. Ultimate-Backup-Tool-1


Hey there, you really save me. While I was preparing term paper for yolanda my younger brother bought a Wii and we confused how to mod it without a modchip. Here provided instructions are quite helpful to complete the process nicely. Thanks.

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