What You Need To Know When Hiring The Best Wedding DJ

Posted Thursday, January 29th 2015 at 8:50pm

Picking the best wedding DJ is a crucial decision. After all, it is simple to see how poor things can get when you employ the wrong person for your wedding. Of all the people you hire for your important day, the DJ probably has the greatest effect on how your guests remember this day. Sure, your guests might talk about your flowers, decorations or food, but the DJ is the one who will prepare the whole mood for the event. A good wedding DJ can go through the room, have everyone dancing, and make sure everyone has a fun time. A bad one, on the other hand, can destroy the mood of even the liveliest reception crowd. To guarantee that you end up with the appropriate man behind the turntable, here is a few advice on how to choose a wedding DJ.

First, factor in your budget. Some DJs can be quite costly, while some are remarkably cheap. It probably might not be a good idea to opt for extremes. Ensure that you stick with your budget; you should contact an abundant supply of DJs available that you do not need to spend more on the budget you have allocated. However, also remember that you get what you pay for. If you find that every DJs in your price range are not to your taste, perhaps it's time that you readjust your budget.

Once you have worked on your budget, ask for wedding DJ referrals. Just like with any other wedding professional, ask individuals you know and trust for recommendations. Your best option is to go to a family member or friend who has actually seen their recommendation at work, and not just someone else's friend who DJs. Wedding halls should also be a great reference. After all, they have seen everything between awful and awesome wedding DJ performances. They will help you tread the right direction.

Lastly, meet and Interview the DJ. It is important that you meet the DJ and get a feel of what he's like. You might need to meet and interview some of them before you make your choice. Listed below is a checklist of excellent questions you have to go over with every one of your candidates. Ensure that you go through all the questions so you do not wind up with any surprises come. Also, if you will opt for a company, ensure that you know which of their contact DJs will show up.

1. Why did you become a DJ?

If the DJ as a passion for music and adores creating dance moments, it's likely that prepping and making such moments is a priority for him. If you see that music is not their priority, you might not get the kind of expertise that you are looking for. Anyone can get equipment and claim they are a DJ, but not everybody can give expert song flow and selection.

2. What are your favorite wedding songs?

Know the DJ's favorite best wedding DJ songs. If the tracks that they suggest are not your cup of tea, let them know immediately. A professional DJ will go to lengths just to search for songs that you will like and deal with your guests, regardless of what their own music tastes may be. If you get a professional and experienced DJ with the same music taste as you, you are very fortunate.

3. How many weddings have you worked for?

It's all right if the DJ has not done a hundred weddings; you just need to know that they have been to a minimum of 10 splendid weddings before and want to do more. Performing at least 10 weddings will get the issues of setting up, as well as the general flow of weddings. Realizing this will help you validate the amount that you are willing to pay for.

4. Will you have assistance at the wedding?

Having an assistance is mostly worth the extra cost. Putting together and breaking down all of those hefty professional equipment becomes a lot quicker and easier. This also ensures better adjusted guests, smooth vendor cooperation, and zero problems with DJ restroom breaks. You just have to ensure that assistances are specified in the contract also.

5. What if you're unable to make it to the event?

Remember that accidents happen, so it is better to be safe than be sorry. Ensure that you are comfortable with the contingency plan of the DJ. Many of them mostly have backup DJs and a system in place for you and your guests to interact your music preferences, but others do not. This is something you need to definitely state in the contract.

6. May I see pictures of your setup?

Every best wedding DJ setup is not equally created. Some have light-up exteriors that they use to cover their equipment, while some have sleek equipment. You might be a fan of either or neither of these setups. Regardless, it would be a good idea to see photos of their DJ setup so you do not surprise yourself with a multi-colored DJ booth or flashing disco lights.

7. What is your wedding attire?

Aside from the event attire, also inquire about what they will wear when they are setting up their equipment. Setting up DJ equipment is a sweaty process that entails carrying big equipment, so most DJs will not be in formal attire during the setup process. Just make sure that their attire meets your approval for early guest arrivals.

8. Do you do ceremonies?

You might get this covered by classical musicians, but if you are having an outdoor ceremony, you might still want a minimal help from your DJ. Additional microphones, speakers and other equipment are mainly added to the workload of the DJ to minimize the cost of renting. Couples are now breaking away from traditional ceremony music and making use of instrumental versions of songs.

9. How will you handle guest song requests?

Ensure that the DJ is willing to match requests with your 'Do Not Play' list and general music choices. Also, professional DJs have so many songs in their libraries. If you really want the guests to get into the action before the dance party, request them to request their songs in advance through the wedding. You can also send advance requests in best wedding DJ websites.

10. What is your mic style?

In order to get a feel of his mic style, inquire the DJ how he will introduce you at the reception. The DJ should inquire you questions about you and the wedding to get a feel of the tone of the event. Nevertheless, the DJ should make sure that his tone suits your wedding. It would be best that you choose one who sounds like their best selves talking to a room full of your friends and family.

11. How will you encourage guests to dance?

There are some DJs that teach instructional dances to move the crowd up and dancing with the other guests, while others will never do such. Get a good feel of whether or not the DJ prefers good music selection, using the mic, or both in order to get the crowd up on the dance floor before you make your final wedding DJ decision.

12. What is your song selection process?

The DJ should be happy to create personalized song lists based upon vibe of your wedding and your music preferences. A best wedding DJ playlist might be labeled and consist of numerous songs. This is great if you would like to approve a pool of songs before the actual wedding and leave on-the-day picks to the professional that you hired. Imagine it as cake tastings, but for your music.

At the end of it all, choose your instincts, each DJ has his own personal style. So before choosing the best wedding DJ San Jose, think about how each one will fit together with your tastes as well as that of your guests'. If you find yourself particularly drawn to a DJ, opt for him-- even when he is not the most recommended or is not the most polished among the bunch.

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