Folding Shopping Carts and Laundry Carts Make Good Gifts

Posted Saturday, May 3rd 2014 at 11:32am

 With Mother's Day rapidly approaching I was looking for a good gift for my mother.  She likes to walk from her house down to the beach a couple blocks away.  But it is getting more difficult for her to carry a bag with all those beach necessities with her.  But I found a good solution at  This site has a variety of folding shopping carts that met her needs.  Personally, I liked the VersaCart.  It was large enough to hold everything and rolled easily down a sidewalk. The Panache Laundry cart might be a good gift too.  It certainly look like it would cut down on having to carry a basket of clothes from the laundry room to the bedroom! 


Elma Sherry's picture

wow! if i gift that stuff another person so the impression will definitely so lavish. folding shopping carts meet up their requirements.


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