Cool is a state of mind in Momville

Posted Thursday, March 8th 2012 at 3:34pm

By Holly Carrington
Recently, as I celebrated turning 28, I looked around the semi-fancy restaurant my husband took me to and became convinced of the thought that had been haunting me ever since our daughter was born: I’m definitely not cool anymore.
It’s not as if I was ever the popular cheerleader or impossibly hip hipster girl in high school, or even the sorority girl who had hundreds of friends in college. However, I’ve reassured myself that I had priceless moments of coolness here and there to make for some great stories. I pulled a few all-nighters as a K-State Wildcat and I became pretty familiar with Aggieville, but after college it seems the older I’ve grown, the less cool I’ve become.
I try to keep up with the trends and the anti-trends. I know skinny jeans and boots are cool, and pajama jeans are decidedly not cool (but intriguing). I know that everyone goes crazy for the Twilight movies and is in a frenzy to see the Hunger Games movies, but I’ve been hanging out in Momville. Here, I don’t get to wear skinny jeans because the one pair I have has ice cream stains and pajama jeans would be a step up from my pink plaid, high-water pj bottoms. In Momville, it’s cool if I get to take a shower and beyond awesome if I can squeeze in the time to blow dry my hair. There is street cred, if you mean watching an hour of the lovable monsters on Sesame Street. There is an all-nighter occasionally, but it involves a screaming baby, semi-consciousness on my part and my hand grasping a Children’s Tylenol bottle. 
I took an inventory of the restaurant on my birthday, surveying the night crowd. I felt out of place. I was in real clothes and I wasn’t frantically searching my diaper bag for a snack to placate our daughter so we could squeeze five more minutes out of our meal. I felt like me, three years ago, and it was nice. I even played footsie with my husband and had a glass of wine. We were pretty cool that night.
So all you cool people, waiting in line at Starbucks, wearing your stain-free skinny jeans and getting ready for your night out, just remember that your coolness might have a shelf life and could be gone before you’re really ready. 
But then you can join me in Momville and we can have a five-minute conversation before I have to chase my 17-month-old across the playground. I’ll kiss her and know that this could be the new cool. And, quite possibly, this is the coolest I’ve ever been or hope to be.


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