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Posted Wednesday, June 6th 2012 at 4:09pm

By Arley Hoskin
This weekend my husband and I had a ridiculously relaxing 48 hours. We went to the farmers market, we played disc golf, and we watched our favorite shows on the Travel Channel.
Half way through an episode of Man Versus Food, I started to think about how awesome it would be to get paid to eat. I love to try new food and getting paid to do so might be my dream job. Don’t worry, this blog is not an attempt to convince my editor, Jessica, to assign me food reviews for Her Kansas City. (Although, I certainly would not turn down the offer.)
Actually, watching Man Verse Food reminded me that I should add “get paid to eat” to my bucket list. And then I also remembered that I didn’t, yet, have a bucket list. So I grabbed my MacBook and created my list. 
I know a lot of people throw things on their bucket list that they have no real plans of accomplishing. I, on the other hand, totally intend to do all of these things, including getting paid to eat.
Arley’s Bucket List
• Get paid to eat.
• See a musical on Broadway.
• Visit the church Anne Lamott attends (while I’m visiting my Dad in the Bay Area) in hopes of bumping into her.
• See the Grand Canyon.
• Tour wine vineyards in Napa Valley.
• Attend the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado.
• Be selected for the Nate Berkus Show’s “House Proud” segment.
• Ride through a parade in our 1961 Volkswagon Bug, Jerry.
• Have a book published.
• Be a guest on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross (to talk about the book I hope to one day publish).
• Go to Vegas for the weekend.
• Drive to KCI without having to rely on my GPS.
I hope to accomplish at least a one of these within the next year. I highly doubt that it will be driving to KCI without my GPS.  


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