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Posted Thursday, March 29th 2012 at 5:36pm

By Arley Hoskin
In a life separated by seasons, basketball season is by far my favorite. 

And college basketball doesn’t get much better than the game against Kansas and North Carolina on Sunday. It had all the attributes of a classic novel or block buster movie. A team during their “rebuilding year” (that would be Kansas for those of you who don’t follow basketball) playing against their nemesis for a spot in the Final Four.

I’ve heard some people say the wounds of Roy Williams' departure from Kansas to North Carolina in 2003 have healed. But they seemed as raw as ever on Sunday. In a pre-game interview Williams confessed he still loves Kansas. It’s his second favorite basketball team, he says.

Well, Roy, there’s no love for the Tar Heels in Bill Self’s heart, or anywhere in Jayhawk country for that matter. 

The game proved to be a nail-biter until the last few minutes, with fans across the country relying on any superstitions they have to give their team a boost. 

In our house we cheered loud and on several occasions. I jumped out of my seat in applause. As strange as it seems, part of me believes that my cheers help the Jayhawks into victory game after game. Oh sure, Bill Self’s amazing coaching has a huge role in the teams success, along with talented players and their awesome defense. 

But I’m not alone in the belief that my enthusiasm as a fan plays a role. It seems silly unless you believe in the magic of basketball, which I do.

I never really bought into the idea of Santa Claus as a child, but a mythical bird called the Jayhawk, now that’s something I could believe in.

College basketball has a mystical way of uniting people across political party, religious affiliation and race. We may have our differences, but come game time we are Kansas. 

And this Saturday we will be rooting our Jayhawks on with high hopes, loud cheers and cold beverages in hand.

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