Can 401K Gold Actually Protect Your Possessions?

Posted Wednesday, November 12th 2014 at 11:45pm

To hedge against the falling dollar many smart investors are turning to a more tangible asset, gold. There are many ways you can invest in gold, you can actually purchase stocks in gold mines, gold bullion, and of course you can buy gold investment coins.

Today, there are a lot of people who are beginning to agree with Alan Greenspan. In fact, Jeremy Charles, London's head of precious metals at HSBC, has seen that many people are now beginning to invest in gold as their confidence in the U.S. dollar has been shaken. Jeremy Charles believes that what we are seeing is a structural change in the way that investing is being approached. He doesn't believe that this will be a temporary fix either. Instead, he feels as though gold will still be viewed different even after the current state of the economy improves. Instead, it is believed that gold is going to continue to be a wise investment option for many years yet to come.

The combined formations could pump out as much as nine billion barrels! And we don't need to tell you that's a win-win for the recession-proof state. Find out how to play the latest boom here.

When you look at the supply vs. demand in silver it is amazing that very few investors know how little silver available there actually is. In fact over the last decade, silver has been one of the best investments available. What will happen to the silver price when more people start to realize that silver represents the "investment opportunity of a lifetime"?

Professional coin graders will also be able to help you assess the value of your coins. Some may charge a nominal fee for their services. Other coin collectors can also be very helpful in determining the value of your coins. There are many coin shows where numismatists are available to help you with this. Don't try to determine the value of your coin collection based solely on one source of information. Go online and check out coins that are of a similar grade and age to your own coins. You will be able to see what the selling price is for the coins and thus will know approximately what your coins are worth.

Overnight the value of gold can change considerably and ultimately you can reap high returns on investing in gold coins. Now, you can buy gold coins worth $20, $30 and $40 and thus anyone can buy gold easily. The value of gold coins which were minted prior to 1930 is very high and it would fetch you more than the real metallic value. Now many people have started collecting gold coins of olden days and hence the availability of these coins has reduced. The net result is they have been classified as rare coins and the value of such coins are set as per the demand and supply positions. You can also get help from the professional advisor for finding the value of coins. Further, you have newspapers and websites which predict the value of old gold coins.

Long-lasting. If you were to just purchase items that you would turn around and give away when you grow out of it, or products that have a shelf life and could expire, then it's not monetarily beneficial. If you collect gold and silver coins, you enjoy the benefits of a growing collection now and in the future. You can pass down the coins to your loved ones as well as the business itself.

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Certainly coin collecting is not only a pastime but a gifted investment as well. As stated by the World Gold council, they see positive returns in this year at least. In these trying times where the economy is volatile in the US and certain European countries coupled by the sovereign adversity and security risks the gold industry is seeing a bright future and this includes the American eagle gold coin. So what are you waiting for? Start investing now!

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