Seven types of friends that every woman should have

Posted Wednesday, June 27th 2012 at 11:39am

By Holly Carrington
Anais Nin said, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
How true it is. Even though life can be chaotic, confusing and busy, take some time today to reflect on your true friends. Even if you just have a handful of people who you can truly call friends, you are richly blessed.

  1. The Life-Long — This is the most coveted, rare, beautiful gem of a friend who has always, and will always, be there for you. You may have met them as a buck-toothed third-grader or as a first-time pregnant mom in a birthing class, but you know that you can always rely on them to inspire, encourage and uplift you. Another important aspect of this relationship is the level of honesty and challenge. This friend is able to hold a mirror up to you and question gently if you are living up to your potential and making good decisions. They also present challenges to you in ways you never thought possible, whether it’s starting a business or motivating you to do a few more reps at the gym. Hold on tightly to this friend.
  2. The Fun One — Everyone has someone on their speed dial who they know they can call for a great girl’s night out. This friend is carefree, funny and knows her way around a party or bar. She somehow knows everyone and introduces you to interesting people. You know you can borrow fabulous clothes from her and commiserate with her the morning after the wild night.
  3. The Blast From the Past — I love old friends. Someone who went to high school or middle school with you and you keep tabs on, but not necessarily see on a regular basis. You can reminisce about days gone by and catch up on their current lives. These are such special people, for they’ve seen you at your most awkward and still like you.
  4. The Mommy Friend — As a mommy, these friends are worth their weight in gold. They’ve seen you struggle through those first months of parenthood and they are always there with helpful advice, from the first cold or flu to potty training. Your social sessions usually include chasing your kids around and apologizing for missing what she said because your toddler just fell down, but they really, truly understand. How to spot a true mommy friend? You can confess all your dirty little secrets, like letting your kid watch a little too much TV or eat a little too many cookies, and they will smile knowingly. They’ve been there too.
  5. The Neighbor Friend — I might be ridiculously lucky, but we live in a great neighborhood with lots of younger families. Almost every night of the spring and summer, I can go outside and chat with our friendly neighbors. Sometimes, we’ll gather together at night and catch up over a few cold beers. I know I can trust these good friends to watch my daughter if I run to the store or to borrow a shirt or a cup of sugar.
  6. The Church Friend — This friend is someone you may have seen occasionally at church and then it blossomed into a real relationship. This person is someone who you can trust will pray for you and your family. They’ll comfort you when you need it and probably bring a casserole, too. Thank God for these friends.
  7. The Work Friend — One of the only friends who knows what it’s like to work where you work, walk the halls you walk and the boss everyone gripes about. This is a faithful companion who will go out to lunch with you, fill you in on something you missed in a meeting and usually has similar interests as you.

So, who’s on your list?


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