Three Bs that won’t cost you a bundle

Posted Wednesday, September 26th 2012 at 2:44pm

By Arley Hoskin
In a few months I will turn the dirty 30.
“Seriously, you aren’t 30 yet?” say all of my friends who turned 30 years ago. Contrary to popular belief, I did not graduate in 1998.
As I approach 30, I’ve noticed more defined lines on my forehead. My boyish figure has been replaced by love handles and semi-chunky thighs. And the calories, well, they don’t burn like they used to. I’ll just leave it at that.
Like most women I want to look trim and youthful, but I don’t have time to workout seven days a week or the money for Botox. What I do have is a closet full of accessories and a creative mind. I have discovered these simple tips to keep me looking young and hip.

  1. Bangs. Who needs Botox when a trip the salon will cover your forehead wrinkles like a charm. And most stylists will offer free bang trims in between cuts if you are a regular customer.
  2. Belts. Wrap a thin belt over your shirt or dress, and, boom, your waist looks thinner and more defined.
  3. Black. Embrace the black in your wardrobe. Add a bright-colored scarf or funky necklace and you have a cute outfit that will shed at least five pounds off of your look.

These are the beauty and style secrets that I hope to get me to my 30s.


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