Foodie Fun: Taste your way through the Crossroads

Attention foodies: a new food tour with a focus on the Crossroads area of Kansas City has patrons walking through the revitalized area and sinking their teeth into food samples at eate

Healing with Food: Cookbook helps survivors get 'back in the swing'

When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Barbara Unell was looking for a book with inspiration, research around good health and facts about nutrition.

Food for Less: Create a five-star meal on a two-star budget

I love going out to restaurants for the atmosphere and spending time with family and friends, but often times I find myself saying, “I can make that!” Here are a few decadent, restaurant-style splurges we would normally pay top dollar for but can re-create at home for half the amount.

Perfect Pairs: Beer pairings pick up in popularity

When it comes to choosing a beverage to complement a fine-dining experience, wine has some competition. High-end restaurants are leaning toward a new trend of pairing quality beer with upscale courses.

From garden to table: Local authors provide fresh ideas for grilling

With the summer grilling and gardening season in full swing, fresh vegetables and backyard barbecuing are weekend staples. You've probably already fired up the grill and had your first cookout of the season. Did you go with the good old standby of hotdogs and burgers? Try mixing things up this summer with garden-fresh vegetables and fruits.

Macaroni & Cheese: An upgrade for a childhood favorite

If you are a mom, you've probably done the blue box tango. Should you buy that 52-cent blue box of macaroni and cheese because you know your child loves it, and because it's easy and cheap? What if you could recreate a dish that was fresher and healthier?

Best Brunch: A roundup of perfect places to celebrate Mom

Your mom has held your hand, done your laundry, fixed countless meals and comforted you when you thought the world was crashing down. Now it's time to pay a little of that back by taking her to a nice Mother's Day brunch, where she can feast on everything from pancakes to bacon to champagne. Because after all, isn’t she worth it?

Supper clubs: No longer underground

Wisteria Lane would be proud. Neighborhoods across America are finding themselves again, and a big part of their newfound community interactions revolves around food. Supper clubs are making neighborhoods a more delicious place while upping the ante in the culinary department.

Myth buster: Can you judge wine by its label?

I have to be honest with you: I procrastinated and waited until the last minute to start writing this column. It was three days before deadline and I had nothing. Naturally, I immediately went into panic mode. 

Ten questions to ask your wedding caterer

You’ve just been announced as husband and wife and are en route to your reception. Dancing with your grandma to “Brick House?” Acceptable. Uncle Ben’s unsolicited stories of you when you were younger to unsuspecting tables of guests? Embarrassing, but acceptable. Food for all of these fine folks coming up short? Absolutely less than acceptable.

Got leftovers? Create easy second-day specialties

The most wonderful time of the year has passed and, like many, you are strapped for cash after spending too much on gifts — and those boots you’ve been coveting that were half off. What is the best way to start off the new year and save money when it comes to cutting your kitchen budget? Being creative with your leftovers, of course. 

Bubbles on a Budget: Celebrate without breaking the bank

Chances are you will be holding a glass of bubbly in your hand at some point this month. Whether you are hosting a party or just getting into the holiday spirit, there are many reasons to break out the bubbly. Promotion? Cheers! Your best friend finally dumped her loser boyfriend? Huzzah!

The Tradition ... and the Twist!

The holidays are all about tradition. It’s everywhere, dripping from the holiday trees in shopping centers — that were put out way too early, as usual — to family dinners in homes around the world. While we love tradition, wouldn’t be fun if we shook things up?

Eat, Drink and Be Married!

One of the many important decisions you’ll have to make when preparing to say, “I do” is selecting the type and quantity of wine to accompany the big event. There will be wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, parties and receptions, which equates to a lot of thirsty guests!

A Good Example: Kenwood Wines Goes Green

Today we are bombarded on all fronts with so much rhetoric about “going green.” Now, let’s come clean on what it means to go green for a winery.

Attack of the Last Minute Dinner Party!!

It can happen to anyone at anytime. There you are, minding your business, when BAM—an unexpected dinner party at your home sneaks up. Whether your sister wants to move her birthday dinner to your house in say, eight hours, or your spouse informs you that a new client and his wife are just “popping by for dinner tonight,” you can pull it off.

Beauty in the Valley

We have all heard the old adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We each have different palates and prefer different wines. This month we are featuring a line of wines from Valley of the Moon Winery. The winery itself is a beauty, as are all of their wines—which one will you behold?

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