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Maternal Instincts: An honest look at why some of us don't want to be mothers — and why that's OK

As a child, I didn’t want to have much to do with dolls. The only baby I chose to play with was a Cabbage Patch Kid name Jack Cornelius. Back then, my mother endured the lines and the mad rush to procure dolls for my sister and me, only to see me put Jack through the ringer once I brought him home.

A Wedding & A Funeral: One bride races against time — and cancer — to plan her big day

When Will, my then-boyfriend, proposed to me over two cans of cheap beer on our anniversary in the same dive bar where we met three years before, I said yes. The planning began the very next day.

Second time around: Preparing for your big day ... again

When Rebecca Buford and Jeremi Lewis married in 2003 they did without the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding ceremony. Instead of saying “I do” in a church, the Lawrence couple recited their vows amid the fun and festivities of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Overheard at the Singles Table

THE SCENE: Wedding reception hall, 7 p.m. A table filled with singles who are about to get to know each other very well. 
REBECCA: The Bridesmaid/Single Girl Next Door

Seeing through the veil of ignorance

I wanted out of my tom-blike cubicle and into the sky. He, it turned out, wanted out of his saffron robes.

Through the looking glass

I shot this photo at the amazing St. Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas. Because I was there, I know how to read the collage of images. 

Find your fit: New classes to whip that body back into shape

Our calendar is cruel. It tempts us to indulge for a month and a half at the close of every year, and we oblige. Then, like a swift backhand to the face at the dawn of the New Year, the calendar orders us to take inventory of all of our bad habits. 


Gift Guide: Fabulous finds for $50 or less

Gift giving can be tricky or a cinch depending on who you’re buying for. The kids will give you, or send Santa, a detailed list of everything they want. Chances are your husband just wants a new TV or Blu-ray player that he’ll probably buy himself.

Holiday Fun: Activities to celebrate the season

The holiday season in Kansas City begins each year with a quick flip of a switch on Thanksgiving night, as thousands of locals and visitors flock to the Country Club Plaza to witness the annual Plaza Lighting Ceremony.

Home for Christmas

Some people see moving as a chance for rebirth. I’ve always believed it to be more like purgatory. When rumbling along in a moving van, I don’t feel hopeful.

Helping Hands: Organization reaches out to low-income families

Jackie Stoaks, Overland Park, knows what it’s like to be a single mom struggling during the holidays. 

From China, With Love

Six months ago I sat in a hotel room with my husband, Craig, in Guangzhou, China, and had my first meal with my newly adopted 11-year-old Cantonese daughter, Fong Chong. The main course of that meal was some explosively spicy pickled chicken feet, which Fong Chong had picked out earlier that day during our first shopping trip, only a couple hours after we first met her. I hadn’t come this far — 18 months of adoption paperwork and 8,000 miles — to not share in this first meal. So I ate the chicken feet. And I liked them.

For the Love of the Game

There is something about a game day that excites me … the smoke-filled air, footballs being thrown around, tailgating.

Grow It and We Will Eat: Creative food solutions to area food deserts

How long does it take you to score a reasonably priced banana in your neighborhood?

For Beth Low, director of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition, this is one simple way to measure accessibility to healthy, affordable food choices. 

Sugar High: How a sweet tooth can wreak havoc on more than your waistline

I am a recovering addict. Well, that is if one can really be addicted to sugar — or the chocolate chip scones at Portland Brew, for that matter. When it comes to sugar addiction, the scientific community is divided. Many researchers and doctors say there isn’t enough science to support the theory that food is any more addictive than reality TV.

Candice Millard

According to New York Times bestselling author Candice Millard, confidence comes from experience.

For Your Consideration

Want to see the work of women playwrights? How about just a play with women in leading roles? Or dealing with issues of interest to women? It’s not as easy as you might think.

A Talk With The Unicorn Theatre's Cynthia Levin

Cynthia Levin zooms up to the side door of the Unicorn Theatre, a one-story brick building whose main entrance bravely faces the dizzy chaos of Main Street. She disembarks her scooter, smoothes her short crop of tightly curled hair, and steps inside her sanctuary.

Love and Other Casualties: What Would You Do if "The One" Was Your Best Friend's Boyfriend?

Megan* and I became friends at age 16 in high school algebra class. I watched as she swirled a piece of bubblegum around her finger, twirling it until it snapped and became lodged in her hair. Mortified, she turned around from her desk and looked at me pleadingly until I offered to pluck pink strings of sugar from her wavy locks.

Please Send Money: A thank you note to mothers who love us at our most unlovable

As my senior year of college was ending, I was living in the height of proverbial college excess. I overslept and missed good portions of my morning classes (or skipped them altogether) to stay hunkered in the dark, dank garage apartment I shared with my boyfriend. Mike was a musician—tattooed, pierced and not at all interested in any form of adulthood.

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