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Mother, But Not Mom: I Have Two Kids (That I Know Of)

You don’t always realize, when the crazy impulse strikes, that it’s a defining moment—one you’ll later write into the script of your life, for good or ill.

Space To Grow

There are all kinds of moms. There are moms who always knew they wanted children, moms who fell into it “accidentally,” moms who open their homes for orphans, or moms who—for one reason or another—cannot mother their offspring.

She's Here! A New Dad Shares the Story of His First Child's Birth

I was at the kitchen counter Thursday night, when Ginnie got home around 9:00 p.m. We said our hellos, and as usual, Ginnie’s next stop was the bathroom. Because the cats were meowing loudly, I asked her if she’d use the bathroom upstairs and please feed the cats while she was up there.

Balancing Act: For These Harried Career Moms, Balance is in the Eye of the Beholder

“For working mothers, there’s a blurry place where intention meets reality. Journalist Lisa Belkin describes this strange land in Life’s Work: Confessions of an Unbalanced Mom, a collection of newspaper columns she wrote as she learned to navigate between the Scylla and Charybdis of juggling a writing career with caring for her two young children.

Turn the Payge

I’ve never been the kind of girl who dreamt of wearing a white princess dress for a big church wedding, or living in a huge house with a picket fence, 2.5 children and a dog. There is absolutely nothing wrong that dream; I think it is great and I live vicariously through my sister, minus a dog.

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