Fit 101: Learn to work with your curves, not against them

Why are all the cute clothes designed for skinny people? It can sometimes feel like it’s a skinny woman’s world and we’re just lucky to be in it. Most designers use the tiny fit model’s measurements for their clothes, which don’t look good on all women.

Women with Style: Three women with a unique signature aesthetic

In her daily life, Cici Rojas glad-hands the movers and shakers of Kansas City, reaching out on behalf of Truman Medical Centers and as a member of a dizzying array of civic boards.

When Opportunity Knocks: Fashionista realizes dream after job loss

Making a career move from electrical engineering and information technology to become the owner of a fashion boutique is not for the faint of heart. When Danielle Nelson started Fashionista Exchange a year ago, she knew it would take hard work, determination and a lot of style.

Pretty Pinups: A bit of 1950s fashion to inspire our wardrobes

World War II and its fabric rations wreaked havoc on female style. Post-war time had women desiring new clothes with a more feminine shape and the title of best dressed housewife. Cinched waists and hourglass figures were as hot in the '50s as they are now. (Sixty years of fashion, and sex appeal is still the desired effect.)


Lounge Life: Pool-perfect looks inspired by the hottest trends

This swim season offers a range of looks to suit any style, from vintage and glamorous to sexy and animalistic, from fun and colorful to cool and edgy. You can find new inspiration to update your summer style with bold colors, patterns or cuts, or keep it clean and classic, whether you choose a bikini, one-piece or something in between.

Serving Up Style

Truly great dresses and accessories never go out of style. This season, fill your closet with timeless dresses and vintage accessories that only get better with age.




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