Food for Less: Create a five-star meal on a two-star budget

I love going out to restaurants for the atmosphere and spending time with family and friends, but often times I find myself saying, “I can make that!” Here are a few decadent, restaurant-style splurges we would normally pay top dollar for but can re-create at home for half the amount.

Backyard Eco-Activism: Local mother's passion for the global work of Vandana Shiva

It was spring and Leah Stella Stephens was restless. But she wasn’t suffering from spring fever. Nor was it the usual boredom this award-winning artist and social media strategist experiences when performing routine jobs to supplement her creative work.

Perfect Pairs: Beer pairings pick up in popularity

When it comes to choosing a beverage to complement a fine-dining experience, wine has some competition. High-end restaurants are leaning toward a new trend of pairing quality beer with upscale courses.

The Gluten-Free Revolution: Facts on the latest dietary craze

Throughout history, Americans have fought for freedom, for territories, for religion, and for love. Nowadays, we seem to be fighting for healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives, bringing the revolution home to an internal level. One of the most recent fights on our hand is a confusing one, because it goes against much of what we’ve been taught our entire lives. 

From China, With Love

Six months ago I sat in a hotel room with my husband, Craig, in Guangzhou, China, and had my first meal with my newly adopted 11-year-old Cantonese daughter, Fong Chong. The main course of that meal was some explosively spicy pickled chicken feet, which Fong Chong had picked out earlier that day during our first shopping trip, only a couple hours after we first met her. I hadn’t come this far — 18 months of adoption paperwork and 8,000 miles — to not share in this first meal. So I ate the chicken feet. And I liked them.

For the Love of the Game

There is something about a game day that excites me … the smoke-filled air, footballs being thrown around, tailgating.

Sugar High: How a sweet tooth can wreak havoc on more than your waistline

I am a recovering addict. Well, that is if one can really be addicted to sugar — or the chocolate chip scones at Portland Brew, for that matter. When it comes to sugar addiction, the scientific community is divided. Many researchers and doctors say there isn’t enough science to support the theory that food is any more addictive than reality TV.

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