• Smartphone Rudeness

    I'm surprised at how many grown women spend a majority of a "conversation" reading their email with their phones instead of talking to the people near them. I have a smart phone too, but I'm not so rude. Such actions speak major insecurity in their need to flaunt technology and/or their inability to be social in real life.

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  • Ex-wife

    My husband's ex-wife is a greedy, selfish, phony bitch. Can't wait for karma to bite her in the ass!

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  • Sex god

    I'm happy in my relationship, but I really want a hot, sexy, muscle-toned guy to satisfy me.

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  • Fraidy cat

    I'm afraid of everything.

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  • r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    I try to convince myself that it's normal not to respect my boyfriend.

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  • SEX

    I'm addicted to how good he feels inside me ;)

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  • Guilt

    I slept with my husband's best friend shortly before my now-husband and I started dating. The guilt is killing me and I can't forgive myself.

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  • Bipolar Mother

    I hate living with my mother sometimes, not just because I'm 25 with two kids, but because she cusses us out only because of how she's feeling at that moment. She calls my 4-year-old daughter a bitch just for crying! SHE'S THE REAL BITCH! And we have to live with her until I get my driver's license back in 2014!

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  • i hate myself

    I hate myself and my husband and my kids, because I always spend my money on the house and for school and there's nothing left for me.

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  • I'm Out

    I've been dating my boyfriend on and off for 13 years. I love him, but he has about six months to put a ring on it or I'm leaving...and not looking back.

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  • fantasy

    I'm happily married with two kids. But when the new, much younger guy started at my job, I couldn't help but wish I were 5 years younger... and not married and with kids!

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  • Too Little Too Late

    My ex-boyfriend and I had a non-existent sex life, and I broke up with him to date a much better man. And yet now, we have the best sex of our lives and even though I feel guilty, I can't stop.

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  • Loathing

    I absolutely loathe my fiance, but I can't afford a place of my own yet.

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  • Toodles

    I plan on breaking up with my fiance, but not for another year. In the meantime, I'll pay off my debts, go back to school, and plan a trip to Europe to celebrate my singleness

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  • I quit.

    I'm quitting my job today!!

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  • Horny Babysitter

    I've been sexting with a guy who is nine years younger than me ... I used to be his babysitter when I was a teenager.

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  • Kissy Kissy

    I made out with my ex three months ago...and I've been living with my boyfriend for a year. Oops.

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  • If he doesn't ask me to marry him in eight months, I'm gone. And I won't be coming back.

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  • Mothers

    Unfortunately, my mother is proof that there is a BIG difference between having babies and raising children.

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  • Unfaithful ...

    I've had affairs with five different men since I married my husband six years ago.

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