Confession:Upgrade me!

My husband is holding me back. I make more money and am more educated. I try to act like I am okay with all the sacrifices that I make to be with him, but I am really in the mood for an upgrade.

Confession:Hate my husband's friends

My husband had couple friends that he was always inviting over. I did not want to see them. He invited them over for dinner and I cheerily agreed. I cut up a chuck roast, pretended it was steak, and grilled it. Tough. They never came back.

Confession:First Love

Even tho I love my husband, and wouldn't trade our life, I still have feelings for and think about my first love. Not sure I'll ever be able to stop

Confession:no subject

I like to pee in the shower.


I should have never been a mother! I just want to be left alone!


I am so sexually addicted to my ex who also happens to be my darn personal trainer even though I know he's freaking toxic for me.


I am a living testament that women engage in some form of pornography just as much as men. Lust of the eyes involves both males and females. So, ladies please stop pretending!

Confession:secret thoughts

Have a man in my life and so upset that he has slept w another woman, that I know this sounds weird, but I now think about trying a woman/woman and sharing him...what's wrong w me?

Confession:Fed Up

My fiancé has some real losers for friends. I don't like any of them!! They are here now and I just wish they'd leave.


I'm really happy with my life, but feel embarrass to admit it to my less content friends.


We haven't had sex in over 2 weeks, because of off and on again fighting, I need a fix, personally, I think about cheating all the time.

Confession:If I would have known

If I would have known what my boyfriend was really like 2 years ago, I would have never given him a second chance, after standing me up for our first date.

Confession:Money Lies

My Boyfriend and I share money, I lie about how much I have so I can go spend it on my self, and go out with my family and friends to dine.


i wish i didn't love my guy because he lets me down every time.......if it were up to me, i would never had fallen for him in the first place...its too bad u cant help who you love...smh

Confession:One bad apple...

I'm having doubts about moving my whole life to KC (which I do enjoy) because of one person I can't stand. And cutting them out isn't an option because of their spouse.


Every day I secretly hope will be the day my sister will realize what a lazy deadbeat loser her husband is and leave him.

Confession:She's My Husband

I have never told anyone how I fantasize about other women. I guess you can say I'm a lesbian or at least, bi. I fulfill my desires by having the most wonderful man in my life who I actually treat like a woman. We will spend the weekend with him dressed in a sexy outfit, he will sleep in a cute nightie, and he wears panties every day of the week. I have it made because she is my husband!

Confession:To the twig running on the road

KC spends about $11,000 a FOOT on the paths that beautify this city if the 'fat' drivers offend you. But since I don't see you there I guess I'll just keep my fat ass on the trails. Narrow minded Twinkie in your stupid spandex padded shorts - maybe if you weren't a speed bump no one would try to hit you.

Confession:Bad stepdad

I hate the man my step kids' mom married. He's obnoxious, mean, a drunk and makes rude comments in front of the kids all the time. And there's nothing I can do about it.

Confession:My big secret

I steal stuff all the time.

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