Confession:Separate ways

I can't wait for my divorce to be finalized so I can try to forget I even knew this idiot.


I work so hard to please everyone else I forget about what I want.

Confession:History lessons.

I needed to look up something for enrollment and the boyfriend's laptop was closest. I had gone to the webpage earlier and went to history. Found the kind of porn he likes. At first I was intrigued, I felt I had an "in" to what kind of fantasy women he was into. After the fact, I really wished I hadn't seen any of the pictures or videos.


I am secretly in love with my best friend, but I am married. I think my best friend knows but I am to afraid to ask him.

Confession:Emotional Affair

My husband is having an emotional affair with an old girlfriend. He lies and says it is over and I check his messages and find he is still talking to her and texting her all day. I have started hating her and have never met her.


I'm in love with my boss. She is so sweet, great smile and a bodacious ass. I wish I could tell her the way I feel.

Confession:GIrl Talk

I hate to listen to by BFs talk about their boyfriends or latest conquests. I don't agree with their tactics and I'm just not interested in their stories.

Confession:Conditional love

I love my husband, but sometimes I just don't like him.

Confession:Sleepy sleepy

My allergy-ridden son was actually not doing that bad last night, but I gave him Benadryl anyway so I could get a good night's rest.

Confession:Down Low Blindness

My ex-boyfriend not only was sleeping with his boss's wife but was meeting men in cars in the middle of the night for sex.


I'm a cosmetologist and sometimes I wish I could mess up someone's color just for the fun of it.


My husband and I are going through a sexual rough spot, so I'm actually enjoying online porn instead!

Confession:Don't run me over

As an avid runner, I have to be careful at stop signs and yield signs because drivers don't obey them...and each time I nearly get hit, I realize it's a fat person behind the wheel. I don't try to knock you over when you're racing through the chips and cookie aisles at the store. Don't try to run me over during my 10-milers.

Confession:Unrealistic Expectations

My fiancé is broke and lies to me all the time. I hate kids and I hate my job, but I can't wait to be pregnant with his kid so I can have an excuse not to work. Hopefully when we have a kid he will get a better job.

Confession:Bro's before Ho's

I hate a majority of my husband's friends.


I cannot stand my stepdaughter's mother. She's a shallow idiot. But secretly, a part of me is totally jealous of her. She had a child with my husband back then, while I cannot get pregnant.

Confession:Mirror Mirror

I really dislike ugly people

Confession:Get a dictionary

You're being paid to write so learn to spell! Your crap makes my eyeballs want to bleed!


I feel comfortable in my self pity.


He is a sh# . Cheated on me, I divorced him. Now he has a woman in another country and he thinks he is going to be true to her...don't make me laugh

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