Confession:Sad but true

I hate animals, and I don't understand people who are obsessed with them or refer to themselves as "mommy" to their dog or cat. It's so stupid.

Confession:What he doesn't know...

I fake about half of my orgasms. Sometimes I just want to get it over with!

Confession:Sex and love

I love dressing up for my boyfriend in different costumes. It gives our relationship a thrill!


My boss is an idiot.

Confession:If he only knew

My ex-husband had a major germ phobia which drove me crazy. At the end of our marriage, after a long fight about me not alphabetizing the soup cans in the pantry, I snapped. I dipped his precious Calvin Klein Eternity cologne into the toilet and truly turned it into eau de toilette. My evil soul secretly smiled every day he dabbed it on and wore it to work.


I love him but sometimes wonder if he will ever grow the F up.

Confession:So strange

I can only have an orgasm if I'm charging a man to have sex with me.

Confession:Dressing Him Up

I love for my husband to wear what I wear under my clothes when we go out whether it be stockings, tights, or just panties and a bra. When I shop, I will get matching things. It keeps us both so turned on and he loves it too!

Confession:No life

I hate almost everything about my life.


Sometimes I feel like everyone would be better off if I just died tomorrow. Most people treat me like I'm a waste of space anyway.

Confession:5 second rule

I'm a firm believer in the five second rule. No matter where I am, if I drop a piece of food on the floor, I'll pick it up and eat it anyway.

Confession:I Do

I told my boyfriend I don't really want to get married, but honestly, if he asked me tomorrow, I'd say yes.

Confession:For better or worse

My husband is an asshole, but he makes A LOT of money so I put up with him.

Confession:Too much

Sometimes I wish I had smaller boobs, so I wouldn't have to worry about showing too much cleavage and could wear button-down shirts... maybe even go without a bra in a sundress!

Confession:She got legs

In the winter, I try to avoid shaving my legs as much as possible. Last year, I didn't shave them until spring. Oh, the freedom of not having a boyfriend!

Confession:Borrow or buy?

I wear clothes and then return them to the store all the time.

Confession:Jealous much?

I have a friend who gets everything she wants and always gets her way, especially with men, and it drives me crazy. She's not even that cute.

Confession:Girls just wanna have fun

If I still had my Barbies, I would still play with them!


I don't feel like someone deserves respect just because they're older than me or have authority over me. I don't care who you are, you have to earn my respect.

Confession:Jealousy's a bitch

I absolutely love my sister but am jealous of her adventurous life. I need a vacation.

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