Confession:Want fries with that?

I had sex in the McDonalds bathroom... It was SUPERSIZED!!!

Confession:Tanning escapades

I was a little worried that my sexual escapade in the tanning bed would not only be caught but might result in a very uncomfortable sunburn. Either way it was worth the risk!

Confession:Oh honey

I find that honey packets from KFC have way better uses than biscuits.

Confession:Board Room Action

Don't tell the board members, but I have sex ALOT on the board room table! It's rather tickling to think about when they are sitting around the table!

Confession:Work Place

My boss conveyed to me she got a bonus! WTF? I was told there was no $$$$$ for bonuses this year! Can you say animosity?

Confession:Drink up

Me and a few co-workers took shots at a bar during lunch and came back to the office. I don't think our boss noticed at all!

Confession:Hail Mary

I have stolen from a church.

Confession:The real me

Some people think I'm stuck-up and unapproachable but really I'm just shy and very self-conscious.

Confession:old boyfriend

I am recently married, however I still call an ex-lover to have a more stimulating conversation. It's our secret.

Confession:Never enough

We make plenty of money... so why is it we still live paycheck to paycheck?

Confession:My wish

I wish I were skinnier, had bigger boobs, less of a butt and only wish I had the money to have it all surgically fixed!

Confession:Sweet fantasy

I often fantasize about being with my friends' husbands.

Confession:Gift with purchase

When I got home and looked over my receipt, I realized the sales girl didn't charge me for one of the dresses I bought. I think I'll consider it a gift for being a great customer.

Confession:My bad

I hit someone's car in the parking lot at work and drove away. The really bad thing is she was sitting in the car!

Confession:dear bff

I hate my best friend's boyfriend.

Confession:My Birthday

I am pissed on the inside because I just KNEW he was going to fly in to see me on MY birthday! I mean, I flew him in on HIS birthday!

Confession:What a sham

Why does every stay-at-home mom have to get involved in some stupid pyramid scheme? GET A REAL F-ING JOB and stop trying to sell me your stupid candles, monogram bags and wall decor.

Confession:Student Loans

I haven't paid my student loans in months. If I did a little bit of budgeting, I could probably afford them, but I'm not quite ready to change my lifestyle and I don't feel bad about it.

Confession:ALMOST proud of it

My ex was a COMPLETE JERK!! He lied to me constantly and cheated.


I'm not wearing any underwear.

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