Confession:mean girls

I act like I don't like her because she's annoying, but really it's because I'm super jealous of her.

Confession:hey fatso

I nag my boyfriend about his eating habits, but I'm not going to tell him I just ate 5 chocolate cookies. Oops!


I feel guilty for being so happy right now.


I'm still not convinced he's good enough for me, and I'm not sure I'll ever feel that he is.

Confession:Men are sooooo EASY.....

I have this need to make men fall in love with me, and give them false hopes that there could be something more, even though I am in a relationship already. Once they go head over heels, I call it off.....I will never leave my boyfriend....who else would I find to love me unconditionally, and allow me to see other men.

Confession:I did something I said I'd never do...

...and had sex with a married man from out of town. I even had time to think about it before making the decision. I'm single, he's married. It was a fantastic weekend but I'm afraid I messed up my karma.


I cheated on a guy with his friend, and then made him feel like it was his fault. I don't care, I have no shame.

Confession:the truth about men.....

Now I'm trying to grow an amazing beard.


I think I'm taking a sick day tomorrow. And by "sick" I mean sick of my job!


I really pisses me off when women are on their cell phone in the bathroom. SO RUDE. It's hard enough to do your business with other people in the room, so I sure don't want to do it with whoever you are talking to on your cell phone in the room too. JUST STEP OUTSIDE LADIES.


I have cheated on every single man that I have dated. Every last one of them. And now I've crossed a line that I thought I could never have crossed. I am dating a married man.


I'm so terrified of not getting into law school that I haven't applied yet and the deadline is in 2 weeks! What's wrong with me???


I wanted nothing more in 1987 than to take Tawny Kitane's place in the Whitesnake video: "Here I Go Again." I could so do a better cartwheel than her!


It really bothers me to see overweight people eating greasy food. It is so judgmental, but I just want to knock that burger out of their hands.


Always feels like the ugly friend in the group and last night felt like it was confirmed by some guy who was looking for girls for a modeling agency. I was the only one he didn't ask.

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Confession:five second rule?

When cooking, if something falls on the floor I still feed it to my husband.


I've always wished I were an orphan.


I watch porn by myself (only sometimes)

Confession:gee, thanks.

Hate it when people say: Oh wow, you look tired!

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