Hope Heals: Pastor's mission is to empower inner-city homeless

A savory aroma permeates the midday heat as men and women of many ethnicities line up outside of an industrial building at Seventh Street an

Dress for Success: Kansas City affiliate helps empower unemployed women

Jacqueline Scott was weary. She’d been searching for a job, as she says, “for soooooooooooo long.” And she was tired of being rejected.

Sisterhood: Organization creates community for local women

At the Heartland Women’s Leadership Council, the new girlfriends’ network has replaced the traditional “old boy’s network,” says Adriana Martinez, co-chair of the organization.

Backyard Eco-Activism: Local mother's passion for the global work of Vandana Shiva

It was spring and Leah Stella Stephens was restless. But she wasn’t suffering from spring fever. Nor was it the usual boredom this award-winning artist and social media strategist experiences when performing routine jobs to supplement her creative work.

Helping the homeless: Women come together to help build center

When someone says the word “homeless,” do you ever picture a young, single woman? On any given night in Kansas City, more than 500 single, homeless women reportedly seek shelter but find none.

Giving Back: Organization names Philanthropist of the Year

Ask Mary Davidson Cohen why she donates so much time and money to her community and she’ll tell you, “I love what I do, dear.” 

Alpaca love: Woman's son, animals inspire work with autism

Is it their enormous, fringe-lashed eyes? Or their crooked, silly grins? All Tina Cochran, 46, knows for certain is that when she brought three alpacas home, she fell in love. “They have a really calm aura about them and they make a gentle humming noise when they want attention,” she says.  

Saving smiles: Doctor helps transform a life during mission trip

It was an uneventful day near the end of a medical mission in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, where the team of volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff had been offering free clinics and surgeries for locals. Dr.

Heart of the matter: Chairwoman drums up support for Go Red for Women

Last August, the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women initiative released a three-minute PSA on YouTube that went viral. “Just a Little Heart Attack” features Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks as a modern American super mom who is so busy managing her family and professional life that she neglects to take care of her own healt

Home sweet home: Shelter to welcome victims' pets

Diamonds are reputed to be a girl’s best friend, but ask one Kansas City woman and she’ll tell you she prefers man’s best friend. And for good reason: last year when her then-boyfriend assaulted her with a hammer, her dog saved her life.

Stitch by Stitch: Artist bonds women, community through quilt

“There’s a hole in my finger from sewing,” Nedra Bonds announces. She’s seated at a long table inside the Women’s Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Stacked in front of her is a heap of colorful cloth squares, each about the size of a textbook.

Animal Magnetism: Britton Hunter provides a saving grace to unwanted animals

Show a picture of your adorable new puppy to Britton Hunter and the first words out of her mouth probably won’t include “cute.”
More likely: “Did you adopt?”
To gain her immediate respect, “yes” would be the appropriate response.

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