His and Hers: The compromise of combining households

The big moment happens: two people fall in love, decide to move in together and thus comes the test of true love — combining your furn

Fashion Fusion: Blending your style into your interior design

Whenever I meet a client, a question quickly pops into my mind: if this person were dressed by a fashion designer, who would it be?

Backyard Escape: Award-winning patio, garden offer inspiration

When balmy temps beckon you outdoors, look no further than your own patio, porch, deck or yard for a welcoming, tranquil oasis for relaxing and lounging.

Creative Inspiration: Symphony Designers' Showhouse hits right notes

Yard a mess? Rooms appear tired? Home in need of a spring spruce up? Get inspired at the Kansas City Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, located in the historic Countryside neighborhood adjacent to Loose Park.

Being green: Conscious couple's home is innovative, efficient

When they decided to build their Westwood Park house 14 years ago, Kirk and Joan Gastinger aimed for a design trifecta — a “green” home where practicality met style.

Coming clean: Taming your closet

Until a couple of weeks ago, my closet looked like a jumble sale. I had jeans in nearly every size, designer labels next to thrift-store gag gifts, and sweaters I’d clung to since high school. I felt an oppressive weight on my shoulders every morning as I waded through my over-stuffed rack, trying to find something that fit, felt good, and flattered.

Festoon your friends: Flowers by women, for women

Valentine’s Day conjures so many emotions in women, doesn’t it? It seems that every February, a thousand emotions stir inside me, and like a human stack of Russian nesting dolls, I see myself at a dozen different ages feeling some combination of those emotions.

Freshen up: Simple ways to update your rooms

Welcome the new year with fresh updates and simple remodeling tips to make your home feel oh-so 2012, but don’t start knocking out walls and pulling up carpet just yet. Check out these small-scale ideas to give your living space a renewed feeling of freshness.

Deck the Halls: Affordable holiday decorating ideas

Do you feel like you can’t afford to decorate for the holidays? It can get out of control unless you buy everything on clearance the year before and plan ahead, which I have to admit, I don’t.  So if you’re like me, here are some ideas that will help you look at how you decorate in a whole new light.

DIY Design: Local couple lets their creative side show

When house hunting, most eager buyers go gaga for closet size, beautiful views or kitchen cabinets. But for Bev Weidner and her husband, Aaron, it was all about the laundry chute.
“It kinda sold us on this house,” she grins. “We just found it to be a little charming convenience that added flavor to the house.”

At Home with Ladybird Styling

Molly Bingaman is has been in Kansas City just three years, but her Volker neighborhood Victorian is finely polished. This 28-year-old lady owns some serious furniture — no college leftovers or Craigslist finds in her house. For example, how many twentysomethings boast a polished cherry wood dining table for eight?

Ups and Downs

A sassy hat and a pair of double-take-inducing shoes can really spice up an outfit, right? Ditto that idea for a room. By sprucing up the highs and lows, you can transform a room’s look and make everything in between seem more upscale and fabulous.

Ceiling the Deal

Style Reboot: Step Up Your Home Decor With These Simple Fixes

When’s the last time you freshened your decor? While I believe the best in home design is timeless and the finest furnishings are forever, I advocate a “style reboot” every few years. Rebooting — rearranging and reaccessorizing (I’m not talking a full remodel here!) — helps us avoid accumulation and stagnation.

Dirty House? Tips for Managing the Mess

OK, ’fess up. Is your house ready for company at this very moment? If I showed up unannounced at your front door (which would, admittedly, be very rude, even under the assumption that we’re good friends), would you welcome me in promptly and unapologetically?

Smart Storage Solutions

“No more toy basket in the family room, after all these years.”

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