How To

Hair Chalking: Create temporary rainbow-colored highlights

Hair chalking is an easy way to dress up your locks with bold and bright color accents! The chalking process can be done at home or at the salon, and creates matte texture and fanciful color without commitment.

Fit 101: Learn to work with your curves, not against them

Why are all the cute clothes designed for skinny people? It can sometimes feel like it’s a skinny woman’s world and we’re just lucky to be in it. Most designers use the tiny fit model’s measurements for their clothes, which don’t look good on all women.

Day-Old Hair: Easy styling tips for girls on the go

The bad news: You woke up late and don’t have time to wash your hair before you head out the door.
The good news: Day-old hair is a cinch to style when you have the right tools, including dry shampoo. 

Red, White & Beautiful: Sparkle and shine with the best reds and blues for you

Classic red lips command attention and say all-American — but sometimes a bright wash of color on your face can have you screaming for help. When it comes to red lips, some women can be shy. Instead of holding back, search for the right red for your skin tone.

Stay cool, look hot: Stash these beauty picks in your beach bag

As the temperature rises, it’s one thing to shed a few layers of clothing — it’s another thing to shed a few layers of makeup. To stay cool during this summer’s hot, hot heat, arm your beauty bag with these melt-proof summer skincare and makeup essentials.
Shield Yourself

Penny pinching: Save money in the new year

Start the new year off … tight. Yes, you read that right! The presents have been opened, the cookies have been eaten and the credit card bills are arriving.

Santa's Little Helper: Raise the bar on your gift-wrapping skills

You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice, and you’ve survived the parking lot bumper car games and marathon checkout lines. Once you make it back to the safety of your home, you still have one big task that begs your attention: gift-wrapping.

Make a Splash: Natural Tiles in a Random Pattern Make a Fresh Focal Point in the Kitchen

This project uses natural tiles, which do not need spacing like ceramic tiles. It is also done with two shades of the same color tile with a random design, so there is no need to lay out tiles to check design. If you choose to use other tiles, you can buy spacers to assist you in the spacing.

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