Day-Old Hair: Easy styling tips for girls on the go


The bad news: You woke up late and don’t have time to wash your hair before you head out the door.
The good news: Day-old hair is a cinch to style when you have the right tools, including dry shampoo. 
Dry shampoo, available in spray and powder formulas, can be used on “dirty” hair (i.e., hair going on one or more days of being unwashed) to remove oil and create body. In addition to hiding those ever-attractive roots — several brands make tinted versions for various hair colors — the extra texture will make your hair easier to manage. Another bonus? Taking a break from the daily shampoo habit can extend the life of your hair color while saving you time in the morning. 
Stylist Kristin Russell shows us a couple of easy hairstyles that you can re-create at home.
Look One: Amanda

• Create sexy '60s-era volume by concentrating dry shampoo (we used Batiste) at roots in the crown area.
• Divide hair into two sections in back, and gather each section with hair elastic. Once pigtails are in place, mist front pieces and crown with Bumble’s De Mode hairspray
for hold.


Look Two: Amanda 

• For an evening look, create a low side-ponytail, wrap ends around, and pin with bobby pins as you wrap.
• Add a jeweled headband for some sparkle.
Look One: Heather 

• Use a dry shampoo to get rid of greasy roots. Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray creates messy, beachy texture and a great foundation for pins.
• Backcomb, or “rat” roots with comb, pushing some strands down to create height at crown.
• Pin some pieces from sides below crown, lightly twisting hair and securing with bobby pins.


Look Two: Heather  

• An easy, fun way to hide bangs that are growing out is to incorporate them into a mini-French braid along the hairline.


What You’ll Need
Bumble and bumble products are available at and
Batiste Dry Shampoo can be found at Ulta, and 
Models: Amanda George and Heather Pierce
Makeup: Mary Kathryn Yeiser and Jennifer Copenhaver. Products by Therapy Systems, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Tarte, Lorac and Vanity Mark.
Photo by Jude Ferrara



Dry shampoo is by far one of the most useful hair care products, one without which we would have missed at least a few important meeting in our lives. The african american wigs are on the rise as well, as more and more women are eager to try new looks frequently, without changing their hair color. Truth be told, it's a great alternative.

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