Hair Chalking: Create temporary rainbow-colored highlights


Hair chalking is an easy way to dress up your locks with bold and bright color accents! The chalking process can be done at home or at the salon, and creates matte texture and fanciful color without commitment. By applying color to your hair with soft artist pastels (purchased at any arts and crafts store), you can hop on the dreamy hair hue trend without the permanence and damage of bleach and dye. 
Celebrities from reality-star-turned-fashionista Lauren Conrad to comedienne grande dame Joan Rivers have been sporting bright pink strands, and Chanel’s Cruise 2013 campaign was laced with lilac, mint and strawberry bobs. And the good news if you look terrible with periwinkle highlights? No need to panic. Just wash your hair and you’ll be back to your pre-pastel self.

Flat iron or curling iron 
Spray bottle filled with water
Wide-tooth comb
Good quality soft pastel chalk (Do NOT use oil pastels)
Towel or robe to protect clothing
Gloves, if you don't want chalk on your fingers
Step 1: Select a 1-inch strand of hair and spritz with water until slightly damp. 
Step 2: Twist strand slightly at the ends and rub hair with the pastel in small up-and-down strokes. If the color isn’t showing up, dampen hair again and repeat with a brighter color. Apply color to both sides of the hair strand. The better quality pastel you use, the brighter the pigment will be.
Step 3: Comb through the colored strand with a wide-tooth comb and allow to air dry. 
Step 4: Go over the colored strand(s) with a hot iron to set color. Color will rub off on your hot iron, so use an old one or one you don't care about coloring.
Step 5: Continue steps 1-4 on different strands of hair until you have achieved the desired effect. 
Step 6: Finish your hair with a light hold hairspray to help prevent smudging. (Fun fact: Soft pastel artists also use hairspray as a fixative to protect their finished paintings.)
• Chalking will work on all hair colors, but keep in mind the lighter your hair, the longer the color could possibly remain in your hair.
• Try using two colors on one strand.
• You can chalk one strand or many. Try chalking just the ends to  create an ombre effect.
• Do not chalk hair too often. Powder pigment can suck up a lot of the hair’s natural moisture. Follow each chalking with a deep conditioning treatment.
• There is a possibility the chalk will rub off on your clothing, so keep that in mind when you're getting dressed. If you're worried, try an up-do, and  avoid rain, sprinklers, etc.
Jessie’s product recommendations: 
Any brand of good quality soft pastels
Davines No.7 Crystal Fixative Hairspray
Davines Solu Shampoo 
Davines Nou Nou Pak Hair Mask

Photo by Jesse Fox


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