Worry-free fare: Calorie and carb friendly dining options


Eating out and eating healthy aren’t often synonymous. For those of us who are trying to keep our resolutions and are looking forward to spring and summer’s lighter fashions, it’s often tough to find a restaurant that meets our needs for staying or getting slim while still having a great meal. But there are plenty of choices that don’t mean eating a salad while everyone else has steak.

Here are four restaurants where you can enjoy an evening out while keeping your calories under control:

Seasons 52

A new addition to the many offerings on the Country Club Plaza, Seasons 52 offers seasonally inspired menu items, all of which are 475 calories or less. The ambience is warm and inviting, and they have an on-site sommelier to offer expert wine pairings.
Portions are deliberately reasonable and the food delicious and guilt free. The scallops are large and perfectly prepared with asparagus and Israeli couscous. The Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Chop Salad presents the perfect balance of decadence, pairing flavorful duck and rich vegetable flavors with butternut squash, mint and crisp apples.
The menu features appetizers, flatbreads, small and dinner-size salads, and entrees. And don’t forget desert! In line with their calorie-conscious concept, desserts at Seasons 52 are tiny portions of classic flavors served in shot glasses. At only $2.50, it’s a fun way to top off your meal with little damage to your wallet or waistline. The red velvet cake was delightful and the perfect sweet ending to our meal.

Seasons 52, 340 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo., 816.531.0052

The Mixx

You likely know The Mixx as a great place to get lunch, but the Plaza location is open for dinner as well. A local chain, The Mixx is focused on local and healthy foods, their meat is hormone-free and the fish is flown in daily. They also work with other local purveyors like Farm to Market bread and The Roasterie.
The fresh salads are endlessly reconfigurable, and their soups and pasta fillings are made from scratch. Try one of their delicious seasonal offerings like the Insalata Brassica which features Brussels sprouts, arugula, cranberries, bacon and almonds.
They also serve beer and wine, which makes a dinner visit even more fun.
The Mixx, 4855 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.,816.756.2300

Bonefish Grill

Living smack dab in the middle of the country can make finding great fresh fish a challenge, but at Bonefish Grill they’ve done the work for you — they fly in fresh fish from around the globe daily.
Known for their wood-fired grill, the menu is quite customizable and it’s easy to get the health benefits of fish without fussy or heavy-handed preparations. I loved my salmon with chimichuri and, for those serious calorie counters among you, their website includes recipes for their sauces so you know precisely what you’re getting.
Each entrée portion comes with the a choice of two sides, which feature plenty of vegetables. If you’re dining with friends who don’t love dinners of the seafaring variety, have no fear — there are plenty of non-seafood choices here.

Bonefish Grill, 6334 N. Lucerne Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 816.746.8179; and 5021 W. 135th St., Leawood, Kan., 913.239.8856


Ranked in the top 10 diets for weight loss, a vegan diet is good for your waistline and the environment. Try delicious, nutritious and organic vegan cuisine at Füd (pronounced food) — a lively spot on the Westside. The restaurant is colorful and comfortable with handmade tabletops and a bar created by the owners, and offers a great way to eat healthily while trying something new.
You won’t miss meat with all of the well-developed flavors offered in Füd’s cuisine. Unusual ingredients like “jack fruit trick” provide meaty texture and flavor. The Jack Phish tacos were delicious and fun, and the tomato soup sumptuously appointed with
cashew cream.
The menu changes daily depending on the variety and availability of local produce. And don’t miss their dairy-free treats. Shakes, juices and dessert items are all inventive and delicious.
Big parties could be a squeeze at this 26-seat restaurant, and they are a cash-only establishment.

Füd, 813 W. 17th St., Kansas City, Mo., 816.785.3454



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