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One of the biggest reasons why I love Kansas City is because it’s vast and unique. Each area or “neighborhood” — from Johnson County to Midtown to the Northland — is so special and distinctive that I like to think of visiting these places as mini-vacations. It seems like it takes about 30 minutes to get anywhere in the metro area (and I am definitely NOT a fan of all the driving), but when you get to where you’re going you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely.
Our “Welcome to My Neighborhood” feature this month highlights all of the interesting and fun things to see and do throughout the area, and after you browse through it, I bet you’ll be itching to stop by a restaurant, museum or boutique on the other side of town that you’ve never heard of, or have but never had the chance to check it out.
If I’m able to, I always try to plan day trips to The Legends, Zona Rosa and the Country Club Plaza, places where I know I can shop my little heart out, grab a bite and squeeze in some culture, or at least a warm and fuzzy chick flick. Thanks to the list for south Kansas City in our feature, my next day trip probably will be in Waldo and Brookside. And with spring in full bloom, what better time to get out and explore everything this awesome city has to offer? Sounds like fun to me!
This issue also offers ideas on how to make your home environmentally friendly and start a supper club, and we take a humorous look at committing to healthy eating and being a stay-at-home working mom. We also encourge you to shop local and add a touch of “Tangerine Tango” to your closet’s color palatte.




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