Happy Mother's Day


May is the perfect month to pay tribute to all the moms out there who birth us, raise us, teach us, care for us, cheer us on, laugh with us, cry with us, put up with us, listen to us complain, thoughtfully remind us to do things, and send us money. Thanks!
I may not know personally what it means to be a mother (aside from helping my mom with my brother, who’s nine years younger than me... believe me, I did my fair share of changing diapers, making bottles, giving baths and reading bedtime stories back in the day), but I do know, as a daughter, what it means to receive a mother’s love. There’s nothing like it in the world. Being held when you’re in tears after falling, being teased or being dumped. Seeing her smiling face up in the stands or out in the audience offering encouragement. Knowing that she’ll listen and offer advice as you explain how you took a chance and failed, and maybe not say “I told you so.”
My mom is my biggest champion, and she’s a survivor. Some life choices have proven difficult or not worked out how she planned, but she is so much stronger for it — more than she even knows. I can only imagine how hard it must be to watch your babies grow and learn, become their own people, and leave home to find their way and, hopefully, love and success. Lots of women are mothers, but I’m amazed by those who do it well, unconditionally, without reward, and sometimes without regard to their needs or wants.
Our May issue is “All About Mom,” including gift ideas and brunch options for her special day, style tips for moms, essays about moms who date and the fascination with mega-moms, and features about the influence of moms, the mother-daughter relationship and moms helping other moms. We also want to remind you to vote for our Mommy & Me Photo Contest entries on the Her Kansas City Facebook page through May 13.
So here’s wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all you Kansas City moms, and especially to mine. I love you, Momma!

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