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Kansas City is filled with eclectic women from all walks of life, from women who volunteer and are dedicated to helping others to women who are busy raising families to women who are running their own companies. Artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, teachers, leaders, mothers. Women who love trying out  that trendy new sushi place, unwinding at a wine bar or dressing up for a night out, just as much as they love grabbing a bite at their favorite burger joint, shopping with their girlfriends or watching their kids play at the park.
Most of the women I know, or have met or interviewed over the years, embody a few of the above characteristics, and some, all of the above. Women are complex and fabulous, and most of us are just trying to find a balance between work, life and love, and still trying to find time for ourselves – and I mean something maybe a little more profound than finishing that book you dog-eared on Chapter 3 six months ago or reorganizing your underwear drawer.
As the new editor of Her Kansas City, I’m so excited to share with you stories about everyday women who are talented, inspiring, intelligent, strong and funny … women who have made a significant difference in their own lives and the world around them. I also hope to share with you tips on how to be your best and bring out the best in others, save time and money, stay stylish and fashionable, where to go to have a good time, and what’s new on all sides of the state line. HerKC will offer a unique and fresh perspective and bring a distinctive voice to all Kansas City women.
I’m thrilled for this opportunity to lead the HerKC team, both professionally and personally. I’ll be honest, on more than one occasion I’ve described this as my “dream” job – working for a publication that celebrates women’s interest from every aspect.  As a writer, my favorite stories have been those about women who have beaten the odds, made their dreams come true and encouraged others to give back. I want what I write, and what our writers contribute, to show our readers that you can beat the odds, you can make your dreams come true and you can help your community. (And that you can decorate your house, dress yourself, feed your family, and enjoy some culture and entertainment without breaking the bank. I promise!)
I hope you will read HerKC from cover to cover each month and share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Help us spread the word about the new kid in town. And don’t be shy: email me at and tell me what you want to see in our pages.

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