New year, new start


I kind of hate January. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s a decoration-less, fun holiday-less, drab month. It’s boring, cold and gray. However, I’m learning to recognize it also has some redeeming qualities. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead. Time to start over with a clean slate. Time to make decisions about what your next big step will be, maybe even about how to become a better version of yourself.
This issue is packed full of exciting ideas of how to pamper your winter blues away, reviving leftovers into a meal that will leave your family asking for seconds, remodeling tips to freshen up your home, and activities to keep your kids busy on those snow days so you never hear them utter the words “I’m bored.” We also take a look at ways to budget and save without scrimping and sacrificing. 
I’ve had the same New Year’s resolutions for 10 years — to save money, lose weight and be on time. I haven’t been able to live up to any of them, and always feel guilty about it, so I wouldn’t even think of suggesting what your resolutions should be. But we will let you know about some of the new fitness facilities around town providing unique ways to get you ready for swimsuit season. (Did anyone else just imagine Cathy, from the comic strip, wearing a horrible striped one-piece shrieking “ACK!” with sweat popping off her face while panicking to the department store saleswoman … no, just me?)
Those who know me well know I’m a little bit of a fashionista with a knack for finding great bargains — and possibly a shopping addiction (which I’m sure is partially to blame for me not being able to meet that resolution to save money). This month I really enjoyed putting together the ensembles for our style department, offering tips for reinventing those classic wardrobe staples: the white shirt and little black dress. I hope this short guide will give you an idea of how to make fabulous outfits out of a few pieces you may already have or can easily find (and afford!).
I wish you all good luck on your journey this year, no matter what goals you set for yourself. Maybe next year I’ll be able to report that I’m $1,000 richer, 10 pounds lighter and 10 minutes earlier everywhere. Here’s hoping! And if you need any advice or help sorting through your closets, you know how to reach me.
Jessica Marshall


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