United by food


From sweet treats to good eats, our July issue is all about food. I think most of us have a relationship with food, be it good or bad, that evokes a lifetime full of emotions and memories.
Homestyle cooking and comfort food tend to bring back warm childhood memories, especially memories of grandmothers and mothers. And when we think of hamburgers and hotdogs and our other favorite foods prepared on the grill, we think of dads and summertime. Pizza reminds us of weekend sleepovers. Chicken nuggets remind us of elementary school lunches. A hearty soup reminds us of cold winter days. Ice cream reminds us of lazy summer afternoons. And frozen margaritas remind us of that one spring break...
Of course, overindulging on any of these foods reminds us of our (expanding) waistlines and the commitment (or struggle) to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of us love food, maybe too much, or don’t eat enough. Some of us eat simply because we’re hungry, and some of us eat because we’re sad, stressed, depressed or bored. Some of us may have a limited diet because we can’t eat certain foods, and some of us don’t eat certain foods because we just don’t wanna. (For me that list would include Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and pickles... yuck!)
Food represents where we’re from, where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. Kansas City is a barbecue town, but it’s also home to restaurants and chefs that offer a wide range of cuisines from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and everywhere in between. And you can find local, homegrown and organic foods throughout the metro area — a good way to support local gardeners, farmers, restaurants and food organizations.
These topics and more are covered in the following pages, and we hope this issue inspires you, teaches you, helps you, entertains you and reminds you that aside from all our differences, food is one thing we all have in common.
Photo by Brooke Vandever

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