The urge to splurge


We all have some experience with splurging and sacrificing. For some of us, our favorite things to splurge on may be wining and dining, clothes and shoes, or entertainment and vacations. Some of us love to splurge on ourselves or prefer to splurge on our loved ones. And, at some point, we may be faced with sacrificing these things in order to take care of financial or family obligations.
I don’t consider myself to be someone who splurges very often, although those who’ve seen my closet(s) and my shoe “nook” might beg to differ. But I am frugal fashionista, a sale/bargain/coupon queen, so I know how to score big deals without overspending (most of the time). This month, one of our features and our style department look at finding quality, high-end items at consignment and thrift stores, which is definitely one of my hobbies. In addition to scooping up some very cool home accessories — most of which are butterfly-themed — I have stumbled across some super-coveted designer labels including Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL and DVF.
I don’t get my hair done very often (mostly because I think spending more than $100 for a highlight, cut and style is ridiculous), but I will splurge on a pedicure every now and then because my poor little feet deserve some pampering after surviving those days in 5-inch heels — and it’s quality bonding time with the girls. I think a nice bottle of wine or champagne or dining out for a special occasion are worth the splurge, as are holiday gifts, concert tickets for my favorite artists, and cupcakes … well, for any reason at all.
Whatever you love to splurge on, this month’s issue offers ideas on how to still enjoy what makes you happy without sacrificing or breaking the bank. We look at how to dress, eat and drink, have fun out on the town, and get healthy on a budget, so you can stretch your dollars further and maybe have a little left for something really worth the splurge — whatever makes you happy.


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